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Driving Down Enviornmental Cost to Clean
For a green cleaning solution to be truly effective, the solution must successfully satisfy both parts of this phrase: the solution must be environmentally friendly while delivering the standard of cleaning required for your application. Ideally, green cleaning will minimize environmental and human-health impacts, while maintaining or even improving cleaning effectiveness. A recent position statement published by the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) elaborated on this: “It is imperative that the focus be on ‘cleaning green,’ that is cleaning first, cleaning for health and hygiene, as well as cleaning in an environmentally preferable manner.”

While green cleaning typically involves practices aimed at reducing chemical, water and energy use, it also means finding new ways to clean quickly and easily—saving time and money. Adding sustainability goals to green cleaning results in a program that is also designed to help maintain the life of the building so that floor surfaces (and many other components) have the longest possible useful lives—which, in turn, minimizes resource consumption and waste stream contributions.

As the industry's floor cleaning equipment expert, Advance is right where you'd expect us to the forefront of green cleaning innovation and technology. We support the growing movement to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning and improve the quality of life. That's why we're providing you with the information and floor cleaning equipment you need to clean green.

Green cleaning doesn't just mean reducing impact on the environment. It means finding new ways to clean quickly and easily, while saving time and money. For example, our quieter floor machines allow cleaning during business hours, thus reducing overtime hours and cost. Our floor cleaning equipment features ergonomic design that reduces worker fatigue. We utilize gel batteries in many machines to avoid contact with battery acid. Our Smart Solutions technologies support water conservation, reduced chemical exposure and many other safety and environmental features add up to time savings initiatives for you. For more information on both the economic and environmental benefits of going green, read our whitepaper, Making Sense of Green Cleaning. Through product innovation and an understanding of our customers' green cleaning efforts; we have developed the most complete line of green floor cleaning machines in the industry, including commercial vacuums, carpet extractors, and burnishers. For a closer look at how Advance defines and delivers green cleaning, download our Green Cleaning Equipment brochure. We also have a variety of other green resources, including more information on regulations and standards and sustainability.
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